Friday, 7 November 2014

Prussic acid dissolves l'attaque

An evening of Franco-Prussian battling on 6th November at the South East Scotland Wargames Club ( which meets in the rather excellent and appropriate facilities provided by the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Association - a great environment, good beer and some quaint Naval rules - like the wearing of hats/caps indoors is forbidden.

I ran a Piquet Field of Battle 2 game, the scenario based on

with the objective being to control points A, B and C.

Friday, 17 October 2014

One of the D'Arc-est Knights ...

Had my first introduction to the sights and sounds of SESWG [South East Scotland Wargaming Group] on a regular games night - Thursday - in this case 16th October 2014 .. Through the Piquet list, I'd arranged to meet with Paul O'Sullivan, a member of said group, who had offered to put together a Piquet Band of Brothers scenario set in the Hundred Years War. (c 1430 I'm led to understand - before my time ...). I've been remiss in not taking any photos of any participants of size greater than the 15mm scale (next time it's a photo of you Paul too), and such photos as they are come courtesy of AndroidPhone ..